We plan, build, and mediate only projects that meet our high standards and in which we would like to live ourselves.


Architecture is the heart and soul of what we provide. Our comprehensive architectural services are focused on value, knowledge and creativity.

We provide conceptual and schematic design, design development and construction documentation. We have extensive experience in all areas – from residential, commercial and industrial buildings to interior and urban design.

Logistics Park
Bozhurishte, Bulgaria
HN Residence
Sofia, Bulgaria
Facade Design Ternopol
Sliven, Bulgaria
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Interior Design

Interior design organises and fulfils the emptiness with meaning.  It transforms the prose into poetry. Well-designed space is more than furnishing and playing with the materials – it creates a new reality to serve people.

What really matters in the development of the space is often hidden in the details. Interior space is a mirror of our everyday life, our inner shelter. That’s why we design every project as an expression of the ideas and the needs of our clients.

Sofia, Bulgaria
DN Apartment
Sofia, Bulgaria
Sofia, Bulgaria
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The future is BIM! The future is NOW! We use professional BIM Software for developing most of the projects that we work on.

This gives us great control over the whole process during design development and later during the construction phase. It’s proven that using BIM can reduce construction costs by up to 25-30%. With BIM we can carefully plan every step of the project and it’s really easy to show the progress to the client in an understandable way.

Crusifixio Residence
Sofia, Bulgaria
AA House
Sofia, Bulgaria
Mandra Minchevi
Korten, Bulgaria
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Project Management and Execution

We provide project management for all our projects and execution for all our interior design projects. This way we can assure you that the realization will match the project's design.

Pixum Office
Sofia, Bulgaria
Sofia, Bulgaria
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